Who we are

We are a team of young and passionate people from Germany who work in the IT industry for several years now. Our knowledge can help you.


What we offer

Our extensive knowledge can bring your project forward. Be it from requirements gathering to design, from customer feedback analysis to implementation.


How we work

We prefer to work with prototyping after the first meeting with you. This ensures that you will see very quickly what you will get and are able to give feedback very early.


The best solution for every platform

Your idea deserves to be seen on every platform out there. Technical borders should not keep you from bringing your project to your customers. Our most strength is web applications development, but we also have extensive knowledge in developing applications on different platforms.

See our solutions page for some examples of sofwtare projects we've built successfully in the last few years.

What other customers say:

„We have been looking for a computer software able to recognize caller ID for some time. After trying several other programs we finally found TapiRex from Scavix that fulfilled all our needs. Soon we will also start using the API functionality to integrate TapiRex in our other business programs. The support has been excellent every time when small errors have occurred in the look-up function, mostly because of problems with special Swedish characters. I'm happy to recommend TapiRex.”

Lars Abrell
Corporate Senior Manager Integration Strategy at TeliaSonera

„Scavix Software did a great job creating our online shop with exactly what we needed. Their phone support and the ability to add features timely helps us running our online shopping website successfully.”

Frederic B.

„TapiRex is the best tapi solution for my company. Light, easy to configurate, efficient and fully compatible with the office suite. Strong recommended for all kind of business that require a complete customer control.”

Davide Ferrari
CEO of SiderFerrari s.r.l.

Our products

We've created some apps to show what we can do and how we solve problems. These apps are available as separate end-user products besides the consulting offer:

PhoneMondo shows phone calls with additional information even for unknown caller-IDs. It blocks unwanted calls for you. Various reports let you analyze and optimize your phone usage. Caller ID software that shows caller id and additional information from various sources on the first ring of the phone.